Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How to Install Wamp Server on windows (7/8/10) Pc -Error Free Installati...

How to download and install wamp server on windows 7 ,8 and 10 Pc (Error Free Installation)-Step by Step-Complete Tutorial
In this video ,I am installing Wamp server 3 (32 bit) on windows.
After installing Wamp Server: you will be able to do the following
How to start and Stop the services of Wamp server.
How to launch the wamp server  Homepage through localhost.
How to launch myPhpAdmin using Username and password.
All it is done without any error and problem..

For Clean or Error Free installation,Following Pre-requisite Visual C++ Redistributable packages must be installed.

Visual C++ 2008 SP1:
Visual C++ 2010  :
Visual C++ 2012 :
Visual C++ 2013 :
Visual C++ 2015 :
Wampserver download :

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