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Visual Basic 6.0 Tutorial: ImageCombo and ImageList-Display Image with C...

Learn Visual Basic 6.0 Tutorial-Working with ImageCombo and Image List-Display Image with Combo items in the Combobox-Step by Step
Add Microsoft Windows Common Control 6.0 .
Add ImageCombo onto the form from Toolbox.
Use ImageCombo Add Method
I am using Only Two Parameter of add method i.e TEXT and IMAGE for displaying the Image in the combobox.
To display Image Left to Comboitems in the Combobox
 *Add Imagelist Control onto form.
* Add Images into the Imagelist.
* Assign the Index value of Pictures in the Imagelist to the IMAGE parameter of the Add Method of the ImageCombo Control.

its done!!!!.

Private Sub Form_Load()
Set ImageCombo1.ImageList = ImageList1
ImageCombo1.ComboItems.Add , , "Administrator", 1
ImageCombo1.ComboItems.Add , , "Staff", 2
ImageCombo1.ComboItems.Add , , "Office Assistant", 3
ImageCombo1.ComboItems.Add , , "Librarian", 4
ImageCombo1.ComboItems.Add , , "Store Keeper", 5
End Sub

Private Sub ImageCombo1_Click()
Text1.Text = ImageCombo1.Text
End Sub

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