Thursday, 22 October 2015

Login Form using Visual Basic 6.0 Adodc and Ms Access Database- Step by ...

Create a simple login form in visual basic 6.0 using ADODC control and Microsoft Access 2003 database-Step by Step demonstration.

After watching this video,you will be able to create a login form where multiple users can logged in and use the system.

In this Video tutorial,following points are discussed:

1.How to create a database and store the login credentials of different Users using access for VB login app.

2.How to Create a login form and do database connectivity with access .

3.How to do the authentication of users using some SQL commands and a piece of VB code.

Tutorial is only for Beginners,No validations rules are applied or followed while developing this login form.

No step is skipped while demonstration.All steps are explained with written text.

Source Code:

Private Sub loginbtn_Click()

loginado.RecordSource = "select * from Logintab where Username='" + txtuser.Text + "' and Password='" + txtpass.Text + "'"


If loginado.Recordset.EOF Then

MsgBox "Login failed,Try Again..!!!", vbCritical, "Please Enter correct Username and Password"


MsgBox "Login Successful.", vbInformation, "Successful Attempt"


End If

End Sub


Private Sub cancelbtn_Click()


End Sub

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