Saturday, 30 May 2015

Learn Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6)- Road Traffic lights Demonstration App Usin...

Learn Visual Basic 6.0(VB6)- Road Traffic lights Demonstration App Using Timer and Shape Control

as we know that how traffic lights works..

But in this video demonstration, following  issues i.e

*How will you design the Traffic light using Shape control.

*How will you make the traffic lights functional using timer control.

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Source Code:

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()

Static state As Integer

Select Case state

Case 0

shpred.BackColor = vbRed

shpyellow.BackColor = vbWhite

shpgreen.BackColor = vbWhite

lblmsg.Caption = "Stop"


Timer1.Interval = 7000

state = 1

Case 1

shpred.BackColor = vbWhite

shpyellow.BackColor = vbYellow

shpgreen.BackColor = vbWhite

lblmsg.Caption = "Wait"


Timer1.Interval = 2000 state = 2

Case 2 shpred.BackColor = vbWhite

shpyellow.BackColor = vbWhite

shpgreen.BackColor = vbGreen

lblmsg.Caption = "Go"


Timer1.Interval = 5000

state = 0 End Select End Sub

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