Monday, 2 February 2015

Speed Up Your Computer- Quick and easy

  Make your slower computer machine to run faster,preventing system crashes and free up the hard disk space with some essential computer tricks for speeding up your computer.
First of all,
#We will have to remove all the temporary files from your computer.As we know that these temporary files are created with every operation carried out  by the system and remain intact in the storage  after completion of task .hence slower down the performance of system.these files should be deleted from the memory.
here is method for deleting such files easily.
->Go to Run (Window Key + R)
->Type %temp% and Press Enter.

#Booting is the major issue when large number of programs are installed in the computer system.some programs may be queue with the booting programs while windows startup.these programs have the greater  impact over the booting time of system.Computer may take much more time to load all necessary programs as well as unwanted programs like Adobe Update,IDM Update,any software update etc in memory to start your computer
So, we have to  remove such programs which are not required while starting up of windows and improve the startup time and performance too.
->  in search box,type System Configuration
->Go to  Startup Tab,Uncheck unwanted programs of your computer and click Apply  and OK.
Warning :Don't uncheck any of the windows programs.otherwise System can't boot up next time.

#Use Disk cleanup Utility to remove unwanted files,Thumbnails,Temporary internet files etc from your system.

#Un-install the rarely used or unnecessary programs from your computer using computer control panel.

#Also ,change the graphics setting like windows themes,Screensavers etc .Don't install the theme outside the Microsoft store.these theme may have viruses or any suspicious programs,may cause malfunctioning.
#Always use geniuen operating system and good antivirus programs like Quickheal to protect your system from scam and viruses.
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Author: Sandeep Kaundal